Chapter 1- Learn Html in 2 days


We start building a website by creating a file named Index.Html . Index.html is a special feature filename which is Presented when the website root address is typed

A Basic Html Page

1. <!  Doctype Html > ➡️ Specifies This is an HTML 5  doc.

2. <Html>➡️ Root of an HTML Page.

3.<Head>➡️Contain Page metadata

4. <title>➡️ In title your web name </title>➡️ Contain title


5.<body>➡️ Body tag is a important thing or website

6. <h1>This is heading Tag </h1> ➡️This is heading tag.

7. <p>Paragraph </p> ➡️ This is a paragrapP tag.

</body> ➡️ closing Body tag


A Tag  is like a container for either content or other Html tag.

Important Notes

. Head and body tag are children of Html tag
. Most of the element having opening and closing tag with content in between opening and closing tag.
. Some Html tag have no content. These are called Empty elements
. we can either use Html or Html extension.
.You can use"Insect elements" or "View source" option from chrome broebro to look a Website Html code.

HTML = START TAG+ content + ending tag

Comment in Html 
Comment in Html are used to mark text which should not be Passed. They can help document the source code.

Code sensitivity

HTML is a case insensitive Language <h1> and <h1> Tag are the same

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