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Creating a Page layout by html

When we use the tag in right place it result in a better page layout better indexing by search engine and better user experience

We use the following tag to get 
<header>  ➡ contains nav tag
<main>  ➡website layout

Inside the main tag we use insert the following tag : 

<main>    ➡ The main opening tag
<section   ➡ A page section
<article>  ➡ A self contained content
<aside>    ➡ content aside from the content
</main>   ➡ The main closing tag

Creating a page like this is not necessary but it create a readable and structured layout. 
Also they are usefulel for seo 

Link Attribute 

<a href ="/contact">contact us </a>
Note : ( contact Page open same tab) 

<a href ="/contact "target=" Blank"> contact us </a>

We can put any content inside an actor tag (image, heading, video etc.. Are allowed) 

If the page is inside a directory, we need to make sure that we link to the correct page. 

We can add link to image like this
<a href ="/about"> <img src ='a.jpeg' width= "120"> </a>
 Height automatically set

Div Tag

div tag is often used as a container for other elements div is ablock level element. 

The Span Tag 
Span is inline container. 

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