What is CSS ? 

Css is a coding language for desinging website . In a website,  minimum 3 codung languages are use, 1 HTML 2 CSS 3 JAVASCRIPT .

Html is the skelton of website and css is the skin of Website and Javascript is the brain of website . 
Today, we will learn CSS . I think you know Very well HTML . if not Please visit our other articles .

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Content Table

1. what is Dom?
2. HTML id and class attributes
3. Three ways to add Css to HTML 
4. CSS selector
5. Element selector
6. id selector
7. Class selector 
8. Important notes
9. comment in Css
10. Short revised all elements
11.  Chapter-2  Css course link

1. What is Dom? -:

Dom stands for Document object model when a Page is loaded , the browser Creates a Dom of the Page which is constructed as a tree of object.


When an Html element is given an id it serve as a unique identifies for that element
On the other hand, when an Html element is given a class, it now belongs to that class .
More than one element belong to single class but eveey element must have a unique id.

we can add multiple class to an element like this 

< div id="First" class =" C1 c2 c3 " >

3. Three ways to add CSS to HTML -:

There are 3 ways to add Css to Html 

1.<Style> Tag  ➡️  Adding <style>....</style> to Html .

2. Inline CSS ➡️  Adding CSS using Style Attribute.
3.  External CSS ➡️ Adding a stylesheet.css to Html using <link> tag.

4. Css Selector -:

A css  selector is used to select an Html element for styling

color: red ;
Background : Pink ;

5. Element Selector -:

It is used to select an element based off the tag name for example 
Color: blue;

6. id selector -:

It is used to an select an element with a given id 
for example -:
color: white;
background: black;

7. Class Selector -:

It is used to select an element with a given class
for example :-
background: black;

Important notes -:

*we cacan group selector like this :
h1 h2 h3 div{
color: blue;

we can use element class as a selector like this :

*Can be used as a universal selector to select all the element

An inline style will override external and internal styles .

Comment in css -:

Comment in Css is text which is not Parse and is thus ignored .

Short revised of elements

1. we can add multiple class to an element 
2. We can Add css to Html in three ways
3.  Css selector
4.  Element selector
5.  Id selector
6. Class selector
7 . We can use group selector
8.  We can use element class as a Selector
9. * Can be used as a Universal selcetor 
10.  Comment in css

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