HOW to change fonts color in Html in 2min ? 

 Friends, you know but still want to repeat once that HTML is a coding language.And the full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is used for website and other coding.

What is fonts?   

Before coloring the fonts in html, let me tell you that fonts are written in a way that you write, that handwriting is called writing, in the same way the writing of any device is called font. 

How to change fonts color in HTML? 

It is very easy to color fonts in Html. And 
Many coder say that changing of fonts color is very tactic but nothing like that it is very easy  by the way we will change fonts color by css, javascript and any other coding language and
today we will color the fonts with Html. 

So let me tell you how to give color to Kiki fonts.


----------------------------------------------------------------------   <Html>                                                                           <head>                                                                          <title>  How to change Fonts color </title>

<fonts color ="green"> This is font color </font>       


<Font color ="Red" >This is Red color font and this is your content and font   </Font>                       </body >                                                                          </head>                                                                               </Html>