How to Seo in our website? 

We will Focus only in HTML stand Point of SEO. We will not be looking into keyword building and content optimization aspect SEO. 

What is SEO and How to SEO? 

SEO refers to search engine optimization. "In simple terms, it means improving the visibility of your site when people search for products or services related to your business on Google, Bing and other search engines. The better your pages appear in search results, the more attention and potential your business gets." and are more likely to attract existing customers.

How does SEO  works? 

Search engines like Google and Bing use bots to crawl web pages, browse websites, and collect and record information about those sites. Think of the Catalog as a huge library, where a librarian can download a book (or a website) to help you find what you're looking for right now.

Next, examine the pages in the index of an algorithm that takes into account hundreds of ranking factors or flags to determine which pages should appear in the search results for that particular query. In our library example, the library has already read all the books in the library and you can tell who has the answer to your question.

Our SEO success can be considered as proxies for the user experience. How search bots describe how a website or webpage delivers what they are looking for.

Unlike paid search ads, you can't pay for search engines to boost your organic search rankings. In other words, SEO experts will participate in the project. This is our turn. 

The Periodic Table of SEO Components divides components into six categories and criteria depending on the importance of SEO. For example, content quality and keyword research are key components of content optimization, and rapid crawling is a key component of website design.

The recently updated SEO Periodic Table lists the toxins that interfere with advanced SEO processes. These shortcuts or tricks may be enough to take you to another level where engine methods are not tweaked. And even now, they can work for a while - at least until you get caught.

We also found a new Niches section that explores the three main drivers behind SEO success: local SEO, news/publishing and eCommerce SEO. While our complete SEO timeline chart will help you implement best practices, knowing the SEO envy for each of these can help you succeed in your results. Research your small business, how to blog, and/or shop online.

Search algorithms are designed to display relevant and authoritative pages and give users a better search experience. With this in mind, improving your site and its content will help your pages rank higher in search results.

Types of SEO 

1. On Page SEO 

2. Off Page SEO


HTML developer can impelement SEO  using the Following techniques

1. Set the tittle  very nice and to the point. 

2. Set the meta description 

                <meta name = "Description" 

                                  Content = "  " >

3. Set a nice url slug. 

4. Set the meta keyword tag

5.  Set meta name author tag

            < meta name ="author " Content =

                             "Your name" >

6. Set a favicon

7. Compress image and other resources

8. Removed unused HTML /java file / css        
         Compress them. 

9. Add Alt text to image.