Learn Fonts and display Properties in css

Friends so we can learn today fonts and display Properties I hope You will understand these Properties and Focus on Your mind these Properties. You can not learn these Properties but you can remember these Properties so not try to learn when you make a Project these Properties automatically remember you
So let's go

Table of content 

1. The display Properties
2. Display inline
3. Display block
4.display: inline block 
5. Display none vs visibility hidden 
6. Text align Properties
7. Text decorations Properties
8. Text transform Property
9. Line height Properties
10. Fonts
11. Fonts family

1. The display Property

The css display property is used to determine whether on element is treated as a block inline element and the layouut used for its as Children. 

2. Display inline-:

Take only the space requires by the element. No line break before and after setting width/height and margin/padding not allowed. 

3. Display: block

Take full space available in width leaves a new line before and after the element. 

4. Display : Inline block

Similar to inline but setting height, width margin and Padding is allowed. Element can sit neat to each other. 

5. Display none vs visibility hidden

Widht display none, the element is removed form the documents flow, It's space is not blocmed 
With visibility hidden 
The element is hide but it's space is reserved

6. text-align Property

Used to set the horizontal alignment of a text 

7. Text decorations Property

Used to decorate the text 
Can be overline, underline, underline dotted

8. Text transform Property 

Used to specify uppercase and lower case letter in a text 

P. Uppercase {
Text-transform: uppercase;

9. Line height Property

Used to specify the space between line 

. Small {
Line-heght: 06px;

10. Fonts

Fonts Plays a very important role in the loook and feel of a website. 

11. Font-family

Font family specifies the font odf a text can be held multiple value as soon "fallback" System 
Font-family " New fonts",monospace

Chapter 5 is coming soon ....

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