How To change Colors and Background by Css ?

Css rules are simple key- value pairs with a selector we can write Css to change color and set background.

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my name is vivek today we can learn how to change color and background by css? 
As you know Css  is coding language for design a website.
In a website Css is very important but not compulsory because css is used for design not performing like In a website main thing is Html and Javascript but these thing not completed without Css. Because without css Your website is Run smoothly but not looking beautiful. because Css is Skin of website . And Today we will learn a part of css not full language. Because Css is a very beautiful language and so easy . But You will focus on this language then you will learn Css . So I hope you will be focus on this language and learn css easily.
So we can learn how to change colors and background.
Chapter 1 is already on my site creating our first site by css. 
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Today Table content

1. The color Property in css
2. Types of color value in css
3. The background Repeat Property in css
4. The background size Property in css
5. The background Position Property in css
6. The background attachment Property in css
7. The background short hand Property in css
8. Revised All Property
9. Chapter 3 Link

1. The color Property in css

The css color Property can be used to set the text color inside an element .

P{                                                                                  color: red;                                                                         }                                                               

This is used for text color changed .
Similarily we can set color for different element .

2. Types of color value in css

Following are the most commonly used color value in css

1. RGB➡️  Specify color using Red green blue values eg. rgb (200,98,70).
2.  Hex code➡️   Specify color using hex code 

3.  HSL ➡️  Specify the color using HSL value eg. (8%,90%,63%)

The value of color or background color is Provided as any one of the value.

3.The background color Property in css

The css background color property specifies the background color of a contaner
for eg. 

.Brown                                                                     {background-image:url(.jpg)                             }                                                                              

 The image is by default repeat in X and Y direction.

4. The background repeat Property in css

1. Repeat-X➡️ Reapeat in horizontal line
2. Repeat-Y➡️ Repeat in vertical direction
3. No-repeat➡️ No  repeat mean Original Position .

See more Possible value on MDN and My Other articles

5. The background size Property in css

can be following
1.  Cover➡️ fits and no empty space remain
2. Contain➡️ fits and image fully visible
3. auto➡️ display in original size
4. {{width}}➡️ set width and height will be set automatically 
5.{{width}}{{height}}➡️ set width and height

Note :  More Possible value on MDN and my other articles.

6. The background Position Property  in css -:

sets the starting Position  of a background image

background-Position: left top ;

7. The background- attachment Property in css

Define  a scrollable /non scrollable character of a background image


8.The background shorthand

A single Property to set multiple background Properties

background:red url(vivek.jpg)
norepeat fixed right top.


one of the Properties  can be missing given the ohers are in order 

8. Revised All property

1.Color Property
2.color value in css
3.background color Property in css
4.background repeat property in css 
5.background size property in css
6.background Position Property in css
7.background attachment Property in css
8.background shorthand  in css

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Chapter 1 Creating our first website by css 

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